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New X-Men eventually arrived at the fresh new dam and you can go face to face having Juggernaut

New X-Men eventually arrived at the fresh new dam and you can go face to face having Juggernaut

After Shadowcat levels Juggernaut for the an effective cut-off of concrete, Kurt ports inside and outside initiating the new tresses into Juggernaut’s head protection. Juggernaut busts his way out of the dam wall structure. Cyclops bursts your complete force together with his beams and knocks the new head protection off of their direct. Every about three of boys hurry him and attempt to let, Juggernaut swats every one of them away from.

Juggernaut seems to lose your hands on Cyclops and you may Nightcrawler slots your so you can protection since Rogue will continue to absorb their powers. Eventually, the two of them failure. Each goes head to head, however, Juggernaut are unable to reach Rogue. She lifts him up over this lady lead and throws your out of the top of the brand new dam. In middle-flight, Iceman freezes your towards the an enormous block out of Frost. Then they remove monitoring of your.

Brand new X-Males get a hold of Xavier locked-up from inside the Juggernaut’s holding tank. Afterwards, the newest Chairman provides a presentation proclaiming that the X-Guys was in fact cleared of all the costs hence the true villain behind the Sentinel debacle, Bolivar Trask, could have been jailed. He says that everyone shall be more open-inclined throughout the mutants which from now on they ought to be without any prosecution.

Later, whenever Kurt eventually found Amanda’s moms and dads, the night time was wrecked of the Toad attacking your and you will stealing their inducer, revealing in order to Amanda’s parents one to Kurt are an excellent mutant. Whether or not the woman mothers have forbidden the girl regarding watching Kurt, Amanda might have been passionate actually closer to this lady sweetheart on account of the newest experience.

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